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Learning to describe people and things in English

In this lesson, you will learn how to describe people and things using English. In this part, you are going to learn about the most common ways used to talk about other people and things in English using English adjectives with the situations in conversations.

In English, adjectives are used to describe color, material, shape, size, amount, price, quality, origin, personality, weight, temperature, weight, age, direction, etc.

Learning to describe people and things in English

English adjectives are words used to describe people and things, words like tall, short, beautiful, ugly … are adjectives. Learn more about English adjectives with Free English exercises to practice using adjectives.

Common question for describing people/things:
What does she/he look like? / What is he/she like? / What is it like? / what does it look like?

1. Describing people in English using English adjectives

Shape: thin, slim, fat, tall, big, small, short


  • What’s Tim like? He is 178 centimeters tall. He is very tall boy.
  • What does Mary look like? She is slim and short.

Hair: dark, short, long, curly, blonde, straight


  • What does Pete look like? He has a long hair. He has blue eyes and a beard.
  • What is Mrs. Loh like? She has a short, straighthair. She’s wearing jeans.

2. Describing things / objects using English Adjectives

Shape: round/circle, square, triangular


  • This box is square.
  • The ball is round.

Size: big, small, thick, thin


  • The elephant is big. The mouse is small.

Weight: light, heavy


  • Wood is light. Metal is heavy.