Learning to Talk about Daily Routines in English

Learning to talk about Daily routines

Common verbs to describe Daily Routine:

wake up – wash your face – do morning exercise – take a shower – watch morning news on TV – dry your hair – brush your teeth – eat breakfast – brush your teeth – get dressed – go to the bathroom – make your bed – go to school – go to work – study – have lunch – get home – do your homework – have dinner – take a bath – go to bed – go to sleep.

Now let’s look at the following reading and conversation! People are talking about daily routine. Then practice to talk about that in English

Reading activities about Daily Routine

Pre-reading questions

  1. What’s your job?
  2. What do you do in your free time?
  3. How do you spend your day?
  4. Do you get up early on weekends

Read the passage and conversation , answer the questions below:

Daily Routine

My name’s Christine Yang. I am from China. I am a university student. I study Economics. I get up very early at around 6.30 every weekdays. I do morning exercise in about 30 minites. I have breakfast at 7.00 am. I go to school at 7.30 because my classes start at 8.00 am. I finish school at 11.30, and I have lunch at school cafe. I leave school at 4.00 in the afternoon. I arrive home at 4.30 pm. I have dinner at 6 and then watch T.V or go on the internet for a while. I learn my lesson and prepare for coming class till 11.00 pm and I go to bed.


  1. What does Yang do?
  2. What time does she get up on weekdays?
  3. what does she do before having breakfast?
  4. What time does she leave home?
  5. Where does she have lunch?

Conversation 1: Daily Schedules

  • Kim: What do you do every day, Bob?
  • Bob: I get up at about 10.00 on weekdays.
    Then I watch News on T.V for an hour and have breakfast at about noon.
  • Kim: Really? What time do you go to work? .
  • Bob: I start work at 4.00 pm.
  • Kim: And what time do you arrive home at night?
  • Bob: I get home quite late, at midnight.
  • Kim: What do you do exactly?
  • Bob: Well, I am an……..


  1. What time does Bob get up?
  2. What time does he have lunch?
  3. What time does he start work?
  4. When does he arrive home at night?


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