In this lesson, you are going to learn to describe where you live, your house or your apartment.

  • Do you live in a house or a flat/an apartment? Do you live in the city or in the countryside?
  • Is your house or flat(apartment) big or small? How many rooms are there in your house or flat(apartment)?
  • Do you know your neighbors well? If yes, what do you know about them? If no, why don’t you know them well?
  • Have you ever had a disagreement or fought with a neighbor? If yes, please explain.
  • Have you ever invited your neighbors for dinner? Why/not?
  • Do you know any gossip about your neighbors? If yes, what is it?

Let’s look at this person talk about her house:

I have a very large house, that I absolutely love. We’re on a dead-end street, far from heavy traffic. It started out as a medium-sized cape style and we put on an addition to support our business and our family. We still refer to it as the “original” and the “addition.”

The original side is 2 stories, with a living room, open to a large eat-in kitchen. There’s a room we refer to as the “fish room” bc all it has in it is a large salt water fish tank. And there’s a full bath. Upstairs is a large “pool room” (what was our old master BR) that now only has our pool table, darts, TV, and hidden wash/dryer. There’s 2 other rooms, both of which are my son’s – one is his bedroom and one is his playroom, and there’s another full bath. The addition side is 2 1/2 stories – first floor is a large formal living room, open to a large formal dining room. Upstairs is our two offices with a full bath between. Then we have a large lofted master suite with a full bath. The loft is my dressing room. And underneath it all is a 2 car garage.

It really is a tad too large for only 3 people, but I love having the space for everything and everyone to spread out… It takes a lot to keep up with everything, but we have a routine that works well and for the most part, the house is usually always presentable.

My name is Bi. I’m twelve years old. Now, I am in grade 6. I live in a house with my father, my mother and my sister. There are four rooms in my house: a living room, a kitchen and two bedrooms. In the living room, there are four armchairs, a table and a television. There are a bookshelf, a desk and two chairs in our bedroom. There are also a lamp and a small bed for me and my sister. In our parents’ bedroom, there are a very big bed and a television. Now, we are in our kitchen. In this room, there are four chairs and a big table for four people in our family.

Now it’s your turn, use the comment box below and tell us about your house